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Warcup Duel written by HoMaRt, 2010-04-05 21:21 CEST (2 comments)

Hi everybody. Warcup is up to date and propose a new duel Cup

Check your calendar and join it.

Saturday 10 April there will be a warsow duel one day cup

It will start a 16h00 CET, Everybody can participe ; you just have to follow these rules:
I hope at least a lot of no-show people, it would be great if we have 16-32 participants.
Gametype: Duel
System: BO3, single elimination
Check-in 15h30
Slots:16 or 32 (if a lot of participants)
IRC chan: #warcup, if you don't have an irc program, you can go there:http://webchat.quakenet.org/ [webchat.quakenet.org]



Rules:The winner of the cointoss decides whose map will be played first. If both players win their map the winner of a second cointoss will choose the map.
Timelimit 10, overtime 2

report the match to me by PM.

Before the cup start you have to join #warcup and check-in
(you can use http://webchat.quakenet.org/) [webchat.quakenet.org]

Have fun with this cup :)

Ending + result written by HoMaRt, 2010-01-30 18:37 CET (1 comments)

After a few hours playing bomb the small competition end up.
1: Lin Team
2:Team 2 and PgZ.
and in the last position team1. This cup was for me the first on warsow, but not the last :)
I hope you enjoy thought a lot of people missing

Best regards HoMaRt

Tournament Begin written by HoMaRt, 2010-01-30 14:56 CET (0 comments)

Group is created: lets Fight.

all participant have to /join #warcup irc chan.
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